10 golden rules for reducing reflux complaints

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In recent years, the prevalence of reflux disease does not only disturb the stomach, but also decreases the quality of life of people. Is it possible to reduce the symptoms of reflux? Here are important advice from the expert …

  1. Night snacks significantly improve reflux symptoms. Eating 3 hours before bedtime will reduce the complaints of reflux.
  2. Smoking is an important risk factor for the development of reflux due to its amount.
  3. Cessation of smoking and alcohol consumption will reduce the complaints of reflux.
  4. Especially in patients with night reflux, the bed head should be raised 15-20 centimeters and left side position decreases the reflux symptoms. There are studies reporting that lowering in supine and right side position increases the complaint of reflux.
  5. Obesity is an increased risk of abdominal fat and increased risk of body fat. Losing weight in patients with complaints of reflux may significantly reduce complaints.
  6. Exercises such as weight lifting and shuttle increase the reflux symptoms. However, mild-to-moderate exercise (such as brisk walking, swimming, aerobic exercises) may lead to a reduction in reflux complaints.
  7. Narrow laundry and clothing increase the symptoms of reflux because of increased intra-abdominal pressure. It is recommended that those with reflux disease wear comfortable clothing.
  8. Endoscopy should be performed for those who have a new onset of reflux or who have had more than 50 years of reflux attacks.
  9. Patients with a family history of esophageal cancer and weight loss, anemia, accompanied by complaints of reflux or difficulty in swallowing or painful symptoms such as vomiting and bloody vomiting, regardless of the age of patients with endoscopy should be evaluated.
  10. Meals should be eaten at frequent intervals and in small portions. Consumption of fibrous foods reduces the development of reflux. Caffeine beverages can increase complaints of spicy and salted foods, carbonated drinks, fatty foods and chocolate reflux. Consumption of this food should be avoided and consumption should be avoided if it causes a complaint.

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