Is excessive hygiene dangerous?

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Gastroenterology Specialist Dr. Dr. Ahmet Karaman, extreme hygienic conditions of the immune system of children grown in advanced age, giving abnormal reactions to the development of diseases such as ulcerative colitis can pose risk.

This problem is seen all over the world

He stated that ulcerative colitis disease is seen all over the world, especially in developed countries such as Northern European countries. Dr. Karaman, genetically, environmental factors, some drugs, some bacteria and microorganisms, as well as in advanced countries, provided by parents in extreme hygienic conditions provided by the disease may contribute to the emergence of disease.

. As in developed countries, the immune systems of children who are very hygienic in childhood do not develop very healthy. Children who grow in this way when faced with an attack at an advanced age, immune systems are not very developed because of ulcerative colitis can face such diseases, Bu he said.

The exact cause is unknown!

Stating that ulcerative colitis can start at 40-45 years of age from the young adulthood, Karaman said the following: Although the exact cause is not known, it is not possible to completely remove the disease from the body. Tam

Watch out for diarrhea, constipation, bloody diarrhea, weight loss and abdominal pain!

The disease involved in the inner wall of the large intestine, where inflammation, edema, ulcers, small scars, as well as creating bleeding that causes the bleeding Karaman, diarrhea, diarrhea, diarrhea, weight loss and abdominal pain as listed. Dr. Karaman, patients with such complaints, colonoscopy was done after the biopsy was examined by the pathology, disease and clinical findings and endoscopic findings were evaluated and diagnosed together.

Patients with more than 10 years of intestinal cancer risk 

Ulcerative colitis and treatment of the disease due to continuous active state due to malnutrition, blood loss anemia, fatigue, fatigue, weight loss, excessive fluid loss due to kidney function disorders underlining the Karaman draws attention, in more than a decade of diseases, the risk of bowel cancer, he noted .

Karaman, aya Ulcerative colitis involvement varies from patient to patient. In some patients a 10-centimeter section is kept at the entrance of the intestine and in some patients the entire large intestine segment may be involved. According to this involvement and the severity of the involvement, the symptoms of the disease may vary from person to person. The risk of developing bowel cancer increases after a decade in patients who are actively treated for this disease, especially if the entire large intestine is involved and has a severe involvement. Therefore, especially in patients who have exceeded 10 years, colonoscopy every year to recommend biopsy of the colon should be taken, Bu he said.

Drugs used in the basic treatment of disease Karaman said, the disease does not respond to drug treatment, and in some rare cases, the surgical method, they use, he added.

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