Pregnancy may even be the medicine of asthma!

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Women with chronic asthma do not be afraid to get pregnant! One in four patients begin to recover during pregnancy, and attacks stop. Dr. According to Ahmet Rasim Kucukusta, asthma mothers can give birth normally. Because the risk of asthma increases in babies born by cesarean section.

How does pregnancy affect asthma?

Patients, during pregnancy or birth to enter the asthma attack, the drugs used to affect the pregnancy negatively affect the child and children to have disabilities, such as children have asthma. Many asthmatic patients are afraid of being pregnant, but this is not the case. All asthmatic women can have pregnant children as other women.

Pregnancy asthma occurs most during what period?

Asthma preserves the course of pregnancy before half of pregnancy. In other words, neither the severity of the disease nor the need for medication change. In 25% of the patients, asthma attacks may become more frequent, and the severity of crises may increase.

During pregnancy, asthma attacks occur most between three and six months. Many patients enter the period of goodness during the first four weeks of pregnancy. Severe asthma attacks during labor are quite rare. In one out of four patients, asthma enters the period of well-being during pregnancy.

A pregnant woman using asthma medications creates a problem?

Asthma attacks of a pregnant woman with asthma must be treated in the best way. Because the incident is not limited to the problems of your mother. As with severe asthma attacks, the decrease in oxygen pressure in the mother’s blood is also very harmful for the baby.Because the baby, the oxygen needed for the development of his mother’s blood is taken.

What suggestions do you give to pregnant women with asthma? 
Pregnant women with asthma should be under the control of a pediatrician during their pregnancy. They should stay away from allergens, smoke, odors and irritants that may trigger asthma attacks, they should not smoke, they should exercise regularly …

Doctors should use the drug without disrupting their advice, they should never take the drug itself. Pregnancy diet is also very important. For instance, mothers who eat Omega-3 rich fish during pregnancy often have less risk of asthma in their babies. There are many studies showing that E and D vitamins taken during pregnancy have a protective effect against asthma.

What is premenstrual asthma experienced by women before their menstrual period?

In 40 percent of women with asthma, the occurrence of asthma attacks or the exacerbation of existing complaints and an increase in the need for medication are called premenstrual asthma. This is more common in patients with severe asthma. Less frequently, some women suffer from asthma symptoms on their menstrual days, which is called menstrual asthma.The exact mechanisms of asthma before menstruation are unclear.

Here are some findings that changes in hormone secretions play a role. Some asthmatics who are given female hormones or birth control pills can prevent asthma before menstruation. However, in this post-menopausal period, asthma symptoms may increase and asthma may start in asthmatic patients.

Can pregnant women with asthma have normal birth?

Of course, asthmatic mothers can also perform normal births like other pregnant women.They should take all sorts of care to make normal births. Because once a normal birth is a physiological event, caesarean section is a surgical procedure.

Of course, if there is medical necessity, a caesarean section is performed, but it should not be arbitrarily decided as it is in fashion today. One should not forget that the risk of asthma is much higher in babies born by cesarean section.

Is it true that asthma and allergy are less common in children with cat feeding?

If the child is born with animals such as cats and dogs or grows on the farm, the asthma is less common. Because endotoxins belonging to a number of bacteria in such animals are believed to strengthen the child’s immune system to fight infections, and therefore, asthma and other allergies are less common in these children. However, once a person develops a cat or dog allergy, this man must no longer live in the same environment as these animals.

What is the most suitable pet for asthmatics?

I recommend to the asthmatics the animals that live in water like fish and water turtle and do not like allergens. But it should be kept in mind that even if it is rare, there is even fish allergy. In a study conducted in Madrid, it was determined that those with fish allergy had respiratory complaints when they went to fish markets. When investigated, it was understood that aeroallergens belonging to fish could be found in the air of open fish markets and in the amount of fish that could cause complaints.


Animals that are most responsible for allergies are cats and dogs. These are both the most highly fed animals and their allergens are high and the allergens belonging to these animals can remain in the air as small particles for a long time. Allergens are not the hair of the cat or the dog, but the fat and sweat glands, saliva or urine in their skin.

The allergens of cats and dogs are easily transported to other places through the dresses of those feeding the animals. As a result, allergens may be present even in an environment where no cats or dogs have entered.

What other animals can be allergic to?

For example, the horse is allergic. Animals with a horse allergy may also have cross allergies to animals such as donkeys, mule, zebra and pony. Animals that cause allergic diseases are hairy animals but in recent years allergens originating from cockroaches are also seen.

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