Spring allergies may turn into asthma

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The current spring period brings with it problems such as allergic diseases. Because of the pollens spreading through the trees, weeds and grains, mothers, children and babies can face allergic diseases. Chest Diseases Specialist Dr. Mübeccel Akman, warns against allergic diseases.

What causes spring allergy? 

With the arrival of the spring months, allergic diseases are beginning to influence about 30-40% of the world population. Pollen, one of the main causes of spring allergy; grass, grains, trees and weeds are spread to the air through the wind affects us. Pollen level during the day is the busiest time in the morning. Pollen, which started to appear in February, continues to spread until October.

Pollen levels rise in dry and sunny weather. Allergic diseases are also increasing. The protection of infants and children is very important, especially in the spring, against allergy-induced asthma and upper respiratory diseases. With the arrival of spring, allergic diseases are more common in children. Spring allergy may cause allergic rhinitis, asthma and eye allergy. The most important spring allergies are seasonal allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma and pollen allergy.

Allergic substances in the house create sensitivity in the bronchi; hot – cold air exchange, exercise, respiratory tract infections, chemical odors, air pollution and contact with stimulants such as cigarette smoke, triggers the emergence of asthma. In addition, excessive exposure to allergic substances can cause coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. When the upper respiratory tract allergy is not treated, the risk of allergic asthma is significantly increased.

Allergy is genetically passed on to the baby

If the mother or father has an allergic disease especially related to the airways, the possibility of an allergic condition in the baby is about 40%. If both parents have an allergic condition, this probability is about 70 percent.

Can it be mixed with other diseases due to symptoms?

Spring allergies may be confused with viral infections, asthma, sinusitis, reflux, thyroid gland inflammation and psychological problems.

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