What are the symptoms of bee sting? How to understand the bee sting allergy? Here are the treatment recommendations

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With the beginning of the summer, insect stings, especially bee stings, increase. Bee sting is a serious danger for people with allergies, although they are not generally considered. We will now try to provide information that we believe will be useful for symptoms, treatment of treatment and treatment of bee sting.

One of the most unpleasant and most unpleasant events we encounter in summer is bee sting. The sweetest food source is honey bees, sometimes a nightmare. So what are the symptoms of bee sting? What to do in bee sting? How is the treatment of bee sting? All and more in our news .


Insects can sting or bite people with needles. However, insect bites are the most frequently encountered in daily life. The bees are dice winged insects that can insert people with needles. The number of people that the bee has not introduced throughout the life of the society is very small. But very few have the possibility of death.

Bees have venom pouches and in some people allergies to bee venom called ”venom zehir may develop. Most people may have previously known allergies, or some people may experience allergies as a result of repeated bee stings. If a large number of bees are inserted at the same time, a toxic reaction may occur. Although this condition is similar to allergy symptoms, allergic sensitivity cannot be detected in the tests.

In our country, there are the Apis mellifera known as honeybee and the Vespula vulgaris species known as wasp or yellow bee.


Bee allergy is unpredictable. When a person enters a bee, there is only a slight swelling at the insertion point where there is temporary mild pain, burning, itching and redness. This is a normal reaction and usually heals without treatment. In some people, the swelling at the sting place can grow. In very few individuals, the symptoms occur immediately (within 30 minutes) in areas of the body that are far away from the sting. In this case, ler allergic shock, table shortness of breath, wheezing, palpitations, fainting, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, itching and redness all over the body, face and tongue, skin swelling may occur. Life-threatening symptoms include swelling in the throat, hoarseness and low blood pressure. One or more of these symptoms may be found together.

Symptoms of bee allergy may be more severe in some risky people. These; elderly individuals, patients with heart disease and hypertension, patients using some blood pressure and heart drugs, mastocytosis patients.


Bee stings that are a frequent occurrence, especially in summer. The symptoms of bee allergy after bee sting are very important in terms of early detection of allergy. Bee stings may have small itching. They usually disappear within 24 hours. Sometimes there may be redness and bulges in 2 days. They disappear between 2 and 7 days. Symptoms of bee allergies may manifest themselves in the form of urticaria (hives), angioedema (dangerous of the hives) and anaphylaxis (sudden deterioration). Even these reactions can lead to death. Symptoms of bee allergy can occur immediately or after 1-2 hours. In the throat, edema, hoarseness, shortness of breath, shock and circulatory disorders may occur.


The first thing you have to do against bee sting is to clean the wound with soap and water and apply ice. If the needle is too deep, you can pull it with tweezers. In cases such as shortness of breath, nausea and weakness, you need to go to the hospital. Be sure to observe the place of the bee for 10-14 days.


– Rub the garlic in the middle and massage for 10 minutes. Thanks to the antiseptic nature of the garlic, the poison will begin to expel itself from the body without getting into the bloodstream.

– Beat a bunch of parsley well. (it is important to be fresh) You can wrap the forged parsley in the region where you are buried.

– Prevents pain and possible complications due to inflammation drying effect of carbonate. You can mix the water and carbonate and put it in the bee-shaped area.

– Cold yogurt is another effective method for bee sting. Squeeze 4 drops of lemon to the place where the bee stings before driving the yogurt.

– Due to the antibacterial properties of lavender, it is very effective against bee poisoning. With the help of pad cotton, continue driving again after the effect of the lavender oil you are driving.

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