Women with orgasms get pregnant faster

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Scientists have found that women have a 15 percent more chance of getting pregnant when they have an orgasm

An important discovery was made of some women’s orgasms, which some scientists thought had no role in reproductive success. Scientists found that women had a 15 percent increase in their probability of becoming pregnant when they were orgasms.

Gynecology and IVF Specialist Op. Dr. Betül Görgen gave the following information about the details of the research in the University College Cork in Ireland that opened up the mystery of orgasm:

Six women with ages ranging from 26 to 52 years were studied to test the association between female orgasm and chances of pregnancy. Women were asked to record the number of orgasms they had experienced for a month. Subsequently, the amount of fluid in the female uterus was compared for the cases where the orgasm was reached and not reached.

The results show that women have 15 percent more fluid when they reach orgasm, which is an indicator for the amount of sperm collected in the uterus. Because when the woman reaches orgasm, the sperm are sucked into the predominant ovary. This is thought to be due to the secretion of üzere love hormone sperm oxytocin, which allows the muscles to contract in the uterus to push the sperm forward, which is required to maximize the chance of pregnancy. Love hormone oxytocin is secreted when the woman reaches the peak sexually.

‘Sperm retention in the uterus means a better chance to become pregnant when the sperm is transported from the uterus to the uterus. Female orgasm helps in this way significantly. Hence, women are 15 percent more likely to become pregnant if they have an orgasm

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