Wrong shoes may disrupt the child’s foot health

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Putting the same shoes on top of each other threatens the health of the feet. Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Op. Dr. Selim Mughrabi, school-age children should not wear the same shoes for two consecutive days, he said.

Students have spent too long hours in the same shoes and they wear the same shoes on top of each other. Dr. Muğrabi said: “The child going to school must have a minimum of 2 shoes because the shoe is not right on top of the top. Wearing shoes on top of the shoe , standing in the shoe, the bacterium and fungus inside the shoe to increase the number of infections and cause the foot to swell in the shoe When the same shoe is worn, the shoe loses its shape. The deformed shoe together with the point that it supports standing in the foot also deteriorates. This leads to various foot problems. “


He said that the shoe he wore his child should not be in direct contact with the ground and that heel support was necessary. Dr. “Classic should be a 5-centimeter or 2.5-cm heel. This support is ideal for round and wide. The inner support is necessary to ensure the heel height beneath his foot to keep the child from turning to the right. The width of the front should be such that the toes do not cause a formal problem.

Op., Indicating that the shoe should rotate with a rotation of 2 days. Dr. “One day one should be wearing the other day and it is very important to have a sneaker if the child is in the shoes. If the child comes home, he should definitely take the shoe off and go out.” If possible, it is very important to take a shower. The child needs to ventilate his foot. It is very necessary to keep the shoe outside to ventilate, “he said.


When buying shoes, the child must try Op. Dr. Mugla, “The two feet of the child may not be the same equation. The same size may not wear. Both feet should be tried on the shoes. Shoes should be tried individually to see which is the boredom of the point of deformation.

If the wrong shoe has a malfunction in the foot of the child, Op. Dr. Muğrabi said: “First of all, if the child has an imminent imprint on the feet of the child, this will not support the imprisonment, since the child does not support the imperfection, and the child will continue to move in and out. If the child will wear a shoe with heel support, especially if the child is between 8 and 18 years of age, headache pain is caused by the use of bad shoes. sins or infections occur. “


It is said that the most common discomfort in the school-aged children is heel pain. Dr. “Children with growth cartilage are constantly moving. The load is constantly on the heels. If a well-supported shoe is not used, heel pain is becoming the most common problem. If there is a high curvature in the foot of the child, it is possible that the children will have internal and external pressures and deformations of the legs.

Kiss. Dr. Selim Mughrabi, the use of footwear for children in what to do as follows:

  • The child should not wear it in daily life unless it is worn.
  • Sports shoes worn on shoes, stretching will be more in the daily life of wearing sports shoes because of imperfections will become more obvious.
  • Outside shoes are usually harder than the sneakers.
  • Shoes should be selected according to the sport.
  • In the sport of volleyball and basketball, shoes with thick and soft soles, tennis and athletics stabilizing in athletic sports are very important.
  • While the children prefer their shoes because they grow very fast, the shoes may be very empty because of that finger gap. This shouldn’t be skipped.

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